Friday, May 21

Meet Super Man... Our Nocturnal, Marsupial, Furry Friend

This is Paeton wearing the bonding pouch... they also do well in pockets, but I'm not so sure that's a good idea with Paeton.
He is a sugar glider... so he kinda looks like a flying squirl, but he's more closely related to a Koala Bear... he has a pouch.
Paeton thinks he is the coolest thing in the world.
He's 3 years old - they live to be 10-15. He's super friendly.
A former breeder was giving him, his $200 cage, food, toys, etc all away for free because she's older and is not home as much so she doesn't have the time to care for him like she used to.

Fun fact: Sugar Gliders sometimes bark like Chihuahuas... they will also glide from one side of their cage to another, which Paeton has witnessed... she thinks it's very cool.