Monday, March 31

Judah's favorite activity...

He could do this all day long and not get bored!

Saturday, March 29

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

Judah was having fun in the yard chasing after a bunch of bubbles earlier!

Paeton had a friend spend the night last night... her name is Erica. They had lots of fun and even found a lizard in the yard.

Wednesday, March 26

New blocks!

Judah received a Christmas gift that we opened for the first time yesterday only to find key components missing! So we headed out to walmart and returned it.
They weren't selling the toy anymore so we picked up a new backyardigans video (he loves those guys!) and some jumbo building blocks.
He really enjoys them!

Sunday, March 23

Another egg hunt!

Today after Easter lunch we had another egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa's house!
I found lots of eggs
Paeton found more than I did.
But that's because I'd find one and throw it back down so I could find it again.
Here we are together when she was pretending to help me... I think she just wanted my egg.
Grandma took me to the other part of the house to find more eggs
But I decided to go on a walk with dad instead
Then I made my way to the front yard

And I hit the jackpot!

Paeton & Judah's Easter

Paeton's Easter Presentation...

Paeton's Easter Cantata or Play or Presentation... whatever you want to call it... was so cute today. I took a few short videos of it and put them all together. It's just under 2 minutes long, I think, and just like all of Paeton's live performances, there's always a funny part... so enjoy!

Saturday, March 22

Egg Hunters

Judah was more than ready to start hunting...

Paeton also jumped right in and found lots in the bushes!

After they were done they were very excited about all they had found.

And one of Paeton's eggs was a special prize egg -she won a big chocolate bunny!

Friday, March 21

Thank you MUM MUM & Pa Pa

Judah's not really in the mood to have his picture taken... he didn't take much of a nap and got up this morning at 6:30am after going to bed late last night so he's mr. cranky pants. But he did take a moment off from his temper tantrum to look at one of the books you sent.

Paeton loves her checker board and Lisa Frank stuff you sent her. She's already writing up a storm in the little notebook. We can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks! Love you!

Egg-stravagent Eggs!

Getting Ready

Judah's not too excited about the eggs.

They start soaking

A few eggs are done...

Paeton was having a lot more fun than she shows

Mom's eggs

The dead egg (took a nasty fall)

Dad's eggs

Paeton's Eggs

The finished product!

Thursday, March 20

Thanks Grandpa Manning!!!!

Paeton and Judah got their Easter Package today and love their baskets! They have been having fun all all evening with their new stuff. Thanks, and we miss and love you guys too!