Thursday, December 22

Four Fun Filled Days

Judah and I have been on our own this week. Josh and Paeton left Monday for North Carolina on the youth winter trip (They should be home in  the next 2 hours). I had told Judah in advance that we'd have a date on Monday and go to build-a-bear, a movie and he could get a happy meal.

Then Tuesday we had a "Pajama Party" which basically just means we never got out of our PJ's all day, made tents out of blankets and the furniture, and rented Mr. Poppers Penguins (which he's now seen about 6 times). Yesterday I set up a play date for him and his best friend... they exchanged gifts (Judah gave a sock-monkey and received a bin of army men, making Judah a very happy little boy) and they went to the park to play for a few hours. Then last night while Judah was sleeping, Santa arrived and today he's been counting down the hours until Dad & Paeton's arrival by opening one stocking stuffer each hour (the magic time being the 25th minute of each hour.... so we're about to do another one). Here are some of the goodies he's gotten so far:

 I Spy DS Game
 Spider Man Watch (which is helping him count down the minutes to the next stocking stuffer)
 Lego Man (who is kinda creepy... holding an axe?)
And a star wars light-saber sucker!

All in all, it's been a fun four days with my little man. Lots of hugs and kisses and lots of cuddle time.

Sock Animal Infestation....

I recently told my mom it's all her fault. If she had only bought (or made) me a sock monkey when I was young, maybe I wouldn't be so obsessed with making sock animals. My cousins Chris and Andy had one... I can remember visiting one of their houses when I was young and the boys bedroom was upstairs (I think) and the sock monkey was the coolest thing I had ever seen (again - I was young). Many, many kids are getting, or have received, sock animals from us this year. I made one for most of my piano students, my baby sister and my niece and nephew, Judah's best friend, etc. I think we are up to about 15. My creations include several monkeys, an elephant, baboon, dingo, rabbit, bear, cow, reindeer, and a few that we're not quite sure what they are... one is almost surely a cross between a duck billed platypus and a puppy dog.

Most recently (as in 2 days ago) Judah asked me to make him a reindeer so his sock monkey would have a friend... that is how Randolph the other red-nosed reindeer was born.

Elf Not on the Shelf

We had a special guest this holiday season, our very own elf (whom Judah named Herme). He hid just about everywhere... but no shelves - we don't have any. Judah received a sweet letter from Herme this morning (Herme left last night when Santa came (yes, santa came early... we leave really early tomorrow for Michigan)). Above are some of Herme's cute hiding spots.

Wednesday, October 19

Judah's Best Friend

This is Judah's best friend, Nelson. They are in the same class at school and they love to play together at Nelson's house because, as Judah says, "Nelson has TONS of toys!". :)

Saturday, October 8

A friend of mine is trying to adopt a baby with downs syndrome. To help raise money, she is raffling off home made quilts (they are beautiful!) Please consider helping her family out...

Thursday, October 6

I am doing Pre-School pictures at Judah's preschool again (one of my favorite jobs!!) 
I went back to the frame pose as my "extra" pose this fall because all the kids that had 
it done three years ago are in elementary school now. Here is Judah's Frame-shot. He was
cracking up because I had just asked him if his mom picked out his outfit. He said "yes"
and then I told him that she must be really cool... I told him that I wanted to meet her
sometime. Then he busted up laughing. 

Sunday, October 2

Judah / Pre-School Pictures

I finally got some of Judah's pictures edited.... He sure is a cutie!

Saturday, October 1

Paeton / 6th Grade Pictures

This morning we did Paeton's 6th Grade Pictures. It is time to replace my pictures of Paeton and Judah from 3 years ago on the wall so I wanted some cool shots. She sure is easy to work with! 

Friday, September 23

The Beautiful Paeton

She's so grown up...

My Little Monkey

Judah is demonstrating his different faces for you. He wanted you to know that he can do more than smile. :) 
What a little ham....

Tuesday, September 13

Brown Bear

Fun Monday

We took Judah to the Gulfarium yesterday while Paeton was in school. We were only there for about an hour, but it was enough time to catch three shows and look at all the animals. He got to hold a big parrot, but unfortunately my camera had died so I didn't get a picture. 

Saturday, September 3


Completion of the first sock... poor monkey has no eyes, no ears, no mouth and no tail.

All Done!
Today I made my first Sock Monkey! We are going to be making them in our Arts / Crafts class on Wednesday night with some of the girls in the youth group and I thought I'd better make one before I tell them how to make one.... so Paeton assisted me in making one for Judah. He's not perfect, but he turned out pretty cute. Judah picked out his mis-matched eyes and the blue socks he's made out of. He named him Super-Steve.

Thursday, September 1

I May Be Crazy...

But at least I'm loved! I made this video trailer yesterday for the youth (and Paeton and Judah... who LOVE it! They watched it over and over). Enjoy....

Tuesday, August 30

Who is super cute and loves Legos?


He spends hours building and creating!

...And this is what my living room floor looks like most days. :)