Thursday, January 19

No School

Monday, the kids enjoyed their day off. We went for a very long walk / bike ride (Judah was given a new spiderman bike with training wheels by an anonymous person at church) and then we played in the back yard / grilled veggies for dinner. Judah probably went over a mile on that bike. He loved it. 

Tuesday, January 10

 Kelly finally made it to see our beautiful beaches...

Love this picture of Josh's mom. All photos were taken with my iPhone.


We've had a lot of bad fog lately... here are some pics from my iPhone camera 
(don't worry... Josh was driving, I was riding)

Misc. iphone pictures

 Judah & Paeton enjoying their Rudolph Suckers (Judah's was the abominable snowman)
 Looooong drive to Michigan... there were many naps.

 The kids enjoyed learning how to play table football at Aunt Linda's House
 Here, Chris is making a field goal post.

 Our very own Christmas Miracle....

 On the way home we stopped and let the kids walk around for a bit and use some Christmas gift cards / money.