Thursday, May 26

Judah's Recital

Judah's Art Work!

Video's to come...

Another House

Master Bath

Kids bath (above) Paeton's room (below)
So the first three houses didn't work out... we're on to offer #4. This one is a short sale so it will take a while to find out if it is going to happen or not, so we'll keep you posted.

First Salon Haircut

Judah was a big boy today and got his first hair cut at the salon. He did great and his "Shaggy Surfer" cut looks cute! Dad was a good boy and got his cut at the same time- but he didn't get a lolipop.

Dino Update:

The dino's hatched.... the kids were very excited! Now, they're starting to shrink again :/

Saturday, May 14

Dino Eggs

The kids got these eggs way back in December when we went to the Dinosaur Place in Pigeon Forge. We kind of forgot about them, and while cleaning out the kitchen today, rediscovered them. So they've been submerged in water and now we wait to see what happens.... To be continued....

Wednesday, May 11

Judah Loves Play-Doh!

And being silly!

Saturday, May 7

Paeton's first school dance

Wednesday, May 4

Fun in Orlando

Fun on the Farm!