Wednesday, June 23


We got beautiful Raspberries at Publix for cheap this week!
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Lego Sculptures

Lego Sculptures at Downtown Disney
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The kids having fun playing Rockband with Papa and KK
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Out to Eat

Our last day we hit downtown Disney and then went to Chilli's for lunch. We had a great time visiting....
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We had lots of fun swimming with Dad, Evie, KK and RyRy
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Baby alligator

Saw this at my dad's condo.... we scared him so he jumped in the water.
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Sleepy Heads

They seem to nap at the same time whether they're together or in seperate rooms.... Judah started out on the couch and fell off... but he slept through it.
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Wednesday, June 9 is giving away a $20 childrens book shopping spree to two people each week through August! Check it out!

Tuesday, June 8

Beautiful Beaches....

We took the kids to the beach Sunday afternoon for a while. Since the oil might hit our beaches, we wanted them to be able to play and enjoy them before it gets here. It's so sad to think they might be ruined for years... We have the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to.

Thursday, June 3


In the mornings he brings stuffed animals out and usually they have to each have their own blanket while they sit next to him on the couch... I guess this morning he was okay with them sharing. :)