Tuesday, June 17

New shoes, new shirt, same cute baby!

Here's Judah sporting his new shoes and his new T-shirt that says "What goes on in the playground stays in the playground"


Paeton's at church camp this week. I took these pictures yesterday on our way to drop her off. 

Saturday, June 14


Mark & Josh
PaPa and Paeton
My dad and me when I was one
My dad and me diving off a houseboat when I was 17
Josh and his dad when he was Judah's age
Josh (what a cutie)
Josh & Judah

To all of the dad's in my life, Happy Fathers Day! I love you all and thank you for the role you play in my blessed life. I hope you have a very special weekend. Gene, we didn't have a picture handy, but you are very much included! Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11

Cuddle time!

Judah's been busy cuddling with Paeton... I think he really missed her... he'll probably miss her a lot while she is at camp next week too. 

Friday, June 6

Some pics

So adorable...
Showin' some skin!
Wanting to go for a "spin" I guess...

Sorry... I've been slack this past week. I'll do better - Paeton will be home tomorrow night and we can't wait to see her!