Saturday, November 28


Thought this was sweet :)
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Gulf World with Dad

Paeton spent the whole day at Gulf world this week with her dad - she said she liked playing with the birds the most. :)
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Judah and Paeton like to sit at the computer together and Paeton will show him things on or - this was a few days ago when he fell asleep at the computer. :)
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Paeton & Daddy

Paeton enjoyed her time with her "daddy scott". He left this evening and she's had an emotional time trying to adjust to him being gone again. They did a lot of fun things while he was in town...she had a blast.
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Saturday, November 21


Judah's first experience with the ice-cream truck!

He made out pretty well!
Then we put up our tree this afternoon... Paeton and Judah both helped and it looks great!

Monday, November 16

Judah's Birthday Party

Paeton ready for the fun day ahead
Judah waiting for the Sea Lion Show to start
Auto, the Sea Lion

Auto being Bashful!
Judah meeting the sea turtle
Paeton & Judah driving boats at baytown

Judah's birthday penguin

Austin & Eliza came over to help celebrate

And Grandma drove all the way from Alma just to celebrate with us! Thanks for coming - we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed seeing you. Sorry the flu ruined part of our time together - and we hope you don't get it too!

Friday, November 13

Paeton's Florida State Project

She did a great job! :)

Judah Judah Judah

Judah Made a fort...
Here is my canvas...

Judah hiding under a laundry basket from Zulu and Wearing his $1 Darth Vader Mask (Target Halloween Clearance)
Judah has been sick all week with one thing or another, but it looks like maybe we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

Tomorrow we're expecting Grandma Kim... She's going to drive over for Judah's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait to see her.

Gulf World Video

This is part of the show we saw when we were there last... we plan to go again tomorrow morning with Judah to celebrate his birthday.