Sunday, June 12

Quickest Photo Shoot EVER!

I recently had a beach shoot that was almost cancelled on account of the weather- there was a massive storm headed for us and so we both left a bit early and got there just in time to run out to the beach (passing all the people running from the beach to their cars) and take a few very quick pictures. Behind us the storm was racing towrds us and lightning was streaking everywhere... This picture was taken right as we finished and ran back to our cars.

Paper Quilling

I recently saw someone's paper quilling project and I thought it was super cute, so I got some basic quilling materials and today Paeton and I gave it a try. I made a small one first to show her how to do it.
Then she got busy with her very own design in mind.
(below) Here is the beginnings of her project...
And the finished product!

Wednesday, June 8

Go, go, go!

Judah got a remote control car for Christmas that never worked - we returned it but never replaced it. He reminded us this week (Yes- his memory is that good) so I found this little guy on clearance at Target ($6). He's having a blast making him "Go, go, go!"

Wednesday, June 1

Judah's rough day

Judah had a rough day yesterday - woke up with a fever, went to urgent care and found out he had strep, temp went really low in the night so he ended up in the ER :(

He woke up this morning full of energy and happy as can be - with a normal temperature. He's a trooper!