Wednesday, April 20

Almost Easter...

I can't believe it's almost Easter! We will be headed out on Sunday after church to visit Josh's mom & step-dad for a couple of days, and then off to Orlando to see my dad and Kelli for a couple of days and then we go home... to our rental. We found out yesterday that our offer will not be accepted on the house because the bank decided to offer the seller some deal where they get out of the houses (all 5 of them) without having to go through a short sale on any of them. So... back to the drawing board. The good news is that God is the artist and we just have to see what His drawing is. Friday morning we'll head to Freeport to look at the one and only home in our area that is not a short-sale (within our price range). Please pray that God continues to open / close doors as He sees fit.

Judah is really enjoying pre-school. He's probably the most popular kid there... the kids and teachers just love him. But then, what's not to love? His favorite word right now is "actually". Everything is "actually" this and "actually" that. :)

Paeton is ready to be done with 5th grade... the only downfall is that she will have to eventually start 6th. This year has been full of challenges for her and her ADHD - they've been trying to prepare the kids for next year and working on their own - this is not her strong suit. We'd appreciate your prayers for her and school as well. She continues to enjoy being artistic and is always decorating something... her furniture... walls... carpet... yup. She's one in a million.

Josh is staying busy at church, however, they've decided to call off the Saturday night services for a while. I miss hearing him speak and I pray that God provides an opening for him to use that gift outside of youth ministry. He is an awesome youth pastor, father, and husband.

I'm always doing something... wedding pictures, beach pictures, piano lessons, necklace making, church website designing, house cleaning, lunch making... you know, the usual mom stuff ;) Though, I will be honest- Josh has done his fair share of laundry the last week and a half helping me out while I've been working part time at the church. Like I said... he's awesome.

We hope everyone has an amazing Easter holiday - and remember the reason we celebrate.... I'll give you a hint... it has nothing to do with chocolate or bunnies :)

He Is Risen!