Saturday, February 28

The Flu!

We've been struck by the flu... so far Paeton's the only one sick but I'm not feeling so hot at the moment. Josh has been gone on a youth trip this weekend so I'm hoping that at least Judah and Josh stay well. Pray for us!

Finally... pictures from the dance.

helping dad in the sound booth


Dad pinning on her corsage
Leaving for the dance (yes... this picture should be at the beginning... oh well.)

Saturday, February 21

Princess ready for the ball...

Tonight is the Father Daughter dance at church. Josh has to run the sound, so John is her co-date. :) More pics to come!

Beach Day

We started out at Seaside (the most beautiful place in the world)
It was a little chilly in the morning, but the sun was great.
Judah only ran into the water once.... his shoes and feet got wet, but he never complained.

Someone had left an alligator sand sculpture
Paeton and John walked up and and down the beach searching for treasures
Josh being the stud muffin that he is
Judah liked to boats
It was a little windy
Judah "sand surfing"
Then we headed to Rosemary Beach and walked around ... Judah loved the fountain.
We had lunch there at a nice sandwich place called the wild olive
Then Josh and John stole beach property... the sand
I have proof. It's for a good cause, though. Josh's message tomorrow night is on building your house on the rock and not on sinking sand. He'll return it when he's done.
Then we went to the donut hole and picked up a key lime pie for dessert tonight.... Johns glasses fell off the top of the van where he forgot he set them and someone ran over Good thing they were the cheap ones from the drug store.

Big Kids Night Out!

First we took John & Vicki to Baytown Wharf and there was another dog jumping contest going on so we stopped to watch... this was the dog that was "up to bat".

After that we headed to the restaurant that was on the beach and watched the sunset before we went in to get our table

It was a beautiful sunset
Then we ate great food (I had cocoanut shrimp - it was awesome!) with great company - our good friends Pat and Michelle joined us. After that we were freezing so we went out for ice cream at Marble Slab. :)
This is John coming out with his SECOND ice cream cone!!! One was not enough. 

Thursday, February 19

Night Night Video


Watching TV

Yesterday Judah was feeling "under the weather" and when he got up from his nap he laid down in front of the TV and stayed there for about an hour in this position.

Dentist Visit

I took Judah to the dentist today because he fell and hit one of his teeth and it's starting to discolor. He really enjoyed the waiting room, but didn't like the rest of it so much. 

The dentist was really good and very nice - she said it's a waiting game to see if the tooth will get darker or lighter or even possibly need to be removed. We go back in three months!

Monday, February 16

Misc. Pics

Paeton's Valentines Box for School

Judah Plays the piano


Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope everyone had a great valentines day!!

More pics to come...

Thursday, February 12

Pretty, pretty, Paeton!

Isn't she just pretty?

Saturday, February 7

Weekend Photos

Trying to ride his bike... he mostly just sat there.

He wanted to see "Owie" which translates to "Elle" :)

"Look, Mama... baby Owie" :)
Paeton's first official piano lesson... she's practicing as I type.

We hung-out outside for about an hour this morning while we waited for the table to be picked up - It is officially sold and gone - An even swap for my new wood table and chairs! Good deal!! :)