Friday, April 2

New Chairs!

I found chairs that I'd been wanting at a resale shop down here (They're from pottery barn) and was able to sell the old antique ones that were in rough shape on Craigslist.... A wood worker bought them to fix them up :)

Then today Josh and I sanded down the top of the table, re-stained it and then put on a protective coat. I don't have a picture of that yet.... you can see in the picture that it needed it! The old poly coat was pretty much gone and the kids left cold glasses on it more than once... Looks great, now!


Paeton and Judah enjoyed the Eggstravaganza at church last weekend....

And then they got goodies from Mum-Mum & Papa (Thanks for the Zhu Zhu's) and Grandma & Grandpa Vickers (Thanks for the money! Judah used it to get a second Zhu Zhu and a tunnel for them to play in, and Paeton used hers to get books)