Wednesday, May 28

So cute!!!!!!!!!!

Josh as a baby!

Business Ad...

Here's a copy of the first ad I'm taking out for my business.
It will run in the Blueberry Festival Edition of the Alma Times Newspaper.
I had two calls today for Sessions that I'm doing in the next week! 

Monday, May 26

Weekend with Family

Elle was happy
Unless she saw Josh.
We got a family picture
and there's mum mum & pa pa with the grandkids
Papa and Paeton played with the horses
The Wentzel's
What a cutie!
Judah showing Elle what to do
Elle Showing Judah what to do
They're just too cute!
Paeton and Elle playing.

We had a great time. Mom and Mark got in Thursday late afternoon and Matt and Lins came Saturday. We ate good food, enjoyed eachother's company and the boys even went golfing. Everyone took off about an hour ago and now the house seems quite empty. Paeton went with mom and Mark for a week and a half so she'll be doing lots of swimming! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 20


Just hangin'

Way to go, Paeton!

Paeton's last day of school was last Friday... here are some pictures of her when she got home...
and a picture of her Honor Roll certificate. 

Thursday, May 15

Judah's cute new outfit!

It sure is hard to get a picture of him these days... he won't hold still for anything and if he's distracted you can't get him to look at you. Anyhow, this is his "mothers day" outfit. I got it for him while we were in Savannah last weekend. I love it on him. :) 

Not so little...

My baby is not so little anymore!
I took this last night after he'd been asleep for a few hours.

Tuesday, May 13

Snowy Snowy Day

Judah under the tree (above)
I finally got some of the snow picture from when we were in Michigan for Christmas. Judah had to wear Evie's pink snow suit because we didn't have one for him - but he had fun crawling through the snow. Hard to believe that was over four months ago! He went for his 18 month check up today and weighed 28lbs and is over 33 inches long. He's also saying something new. When he's finished what he's eating I'll say "all done!" and he'll say "all dan" :)

Monday, May 12

Judah waking up...

Judah just looked so cute all cuddled up on the couch this morning that Josh felt the need to get a few pics. He's been in a great mood today. We went grocery shopping and he was very happy to stroll around Kroger and randomly throw things out of the cart. :)

Mothers Day

Paeton's class made a cookbook for mothers day...

A card she wrote for me...
A magnet she made for me at Church....
I had a great mothers day! It was wonderful spending the day with my kids and hubby. I wish I could have been with you mom, but we'll see you soon!!!! Love you!

Friday, May 9

Off to Savannah

Josh and I are off to Savannah for the night and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon so I'll try and get some more pictures on later this weekend. Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 6

Why my windows are DIRTY!

So sweet.

My sweet little boy is getting so big!

Monday, May 5

A piece of our day...

Paeton's latest obsession is Animal Planet. She loves to watch animal planet. Maybe she'll be a veterinarian. 

Judah's thing, as you can see, is to climb on everything and his blocks. We take them out and put them up, take them out and put them up, etc. etc.

Mothers Day gift

This is what Josh and the kids got me for Mom's day... his name is Tonka (like the truck). The kids love him and Josh loves having an animal in the house. 

Friday, May 2

new jammies

Unfortunately my camera batteries were dead at the park yesterday so I got some of him this morning in his new jams from Grandma Kim. He sure won't hold still long these days. He's a busy little guy who has to check everything out... and he loves to stand at the window and watch cars drive by.