Saturday, March 20

Gulf World Visit 4

Judah's favorite part... the penguins

Paeton & Judah were both able to pet sting ray's

Paeton's favorite part... the birds and reptiles.

Josh's favorite... the Sea Lions. Here, one is getting a drink from a dripping faucet.

It was a gorgeous day today, so we took them out to Gulf World for a while. They had a great time!

The Puzzle Master

Seriously... we did not help him with a single piece! It was a brand new puzzle, he'd never done before.... he didn't use the lid to see what the puzzle looked like either. It took him about 10-15 minutes from start to finish. He's such a smarty pants.

Thursday, March 18

Balloons & Dinosaurs

Michelle sent me home with lots of balloons from our "surprise" shower last night. Judah has had a blast playing with them today... and racing his dinosaurs.

Tuesday, March 16

Judah....aka French Toast Stick

I have so many nick names for Judah... The latest is french toast stick. No clue why... just came to me one day and I love hearing his reactions to all the different names I come up with.

Today he's been busy being "superman". After helping me clean up and getting a shower (he calls it rain) he went outside to play on his bikes.

Friday, March 12

Skate Skate Skate

Since the weather is nice and the kids want stuff to do outside, we picked up some skates for them today.... Judah spent most of the time on the ground, but loved it and would sometimes fall on purpose. Paeton was ticked that she wasn't great at it on her first try... but that's just Paeton.

Oh! And both pairs of skates are adjustable so they can use them for quite a while! :) 70 and Sunny!

Monday, March 8

Some Roller Skating Pictures

There's also a fun video below:

Roller Skating Fun

Here's some video (sorry some is sideways) from our rolleskating adventure :)