Saturday, October 25


The cutest cat I've ever seen!
Below, Judah is practicing his 
"roar" which sounds a whole lot like

Awww... Look! It's the LION OF JUDAH!

How sweet is he!?!?!
The kitty cat is pawing at the door... it must want to go outside and play

So outside to play it goes!

The Lion likes to play too!

And eat popcorn.

I had to bribe Judah to walk to each car by saying "Judah, come get a treat". He had a blast, though. Paeton is still up there with Josh bouncing and sliding. They have a cake walk and carnival games too.

Judah's early Bday present

T.J. Berrytales

He sings and Reads books to Judah. Judah LOVES him!

Tuesday, October 21

Fall is on it's way!

Overall's Boy
Paeton not looking at the camera
Isn't this cute?
Paeton went on a field trip today. Her class saw a play and had a picnic in a park. The last few mornings and evenings it has been quite cool (50's) so Paeton and Judah have been able to break out some of their fall clothes. 

Sunday, October 19


Judah Bug

Thursday, October 16

Judah at church

Judah and Max playing

This is Judah hanging with Miss Tiffany. Her and her husband own the house we live in and she is one of the two ladies that handle Mom's Morning Out. Judah thinks she's great. This is also the room he's in when he goes to Mom's Morning Out. He loves it in there because there's so much to do.

Monday, October 13

Judah- 23mos

Judah's vocabulary has been growing quite a bit lately. He loves to play the "say" game where he'll go "Say.... Dada (wait for you to say it and then more on to the next word). Today his new words were Rocket and Why. I posted these pics because his eyes are just so big and dark and awesome! 

Thursday, October 9

Paeton as a Toddler

Wednesday, October 8

Dancing Queen....

Proof that she's always been a free spirit.


Judah- yesterday

Just so you know, "boinga" is what Judah calls his favorite episode of backardigans... a kids show. In this episode there is an alien race that only says "Boinga".

Paeton's Toddler Days


Wednesday, October 1


This is Much. Much is Paeton's cat. Much is a 5 year old Exotic Grand Champion (Exotics are basically short haired persians).  His owner could have sold him to a breeder in China for over $2500 but decided he'd left his mark on the cat world and it was time for him to find a nice home to live out the rest of his life in. Fortunately, she didn't charge us a penny!!! Paeton is in love. Tonka is quite happy to have a "friend" too. 
Judah is reading his favorite book
Running after the camera
Paeton hangin' with Much
Judah giving you a kiss!