Saturday, October 25


The cutest cat I've ever seen!
Below, Judah is practicing his 
"roar" which sounds a whole lot like

Awww... Look! It's the LION OF JUDAH!

How sweet is he!?!?!
The kitty cat is pawing at the door... it must want to go outside and play

So outside to play it goes!

The Lion likes to play too!

And eat popcorn.

I had to bribe Judah to walk to each car by saying "Judah, come get a treat". He had a blast, though. Paeton is still up there with Josh bouncing and sliding. They have a cake walk and carnival games too.


MattLindsElle said...

That is so cute! Looks like a fun day for you guys! Wish our kids could do that together! Love you!