Monday, March 30

Look at who's a saints fan!

And look at those adorable feet! 


Sunday, March 29

Misc. Pictures

My tulips from Grandmas funeral. Thanks Lins, for shipping them to me!
Paeton's social studies project for school
She had to make a representation of a historic home
I think she did a great job! :)

Echo & Copper

This is Copper- Copper is Dan's dog who we're going to watch for the next two weeks. He and Echo aren't from the same litter, but are the same breed. Echo is one week older and a lot bigger. Copper is considered a "toy" because he's quite small.
Copper has one blue eye and one green eye

Looks like he's screaming but was actually yawning

Is she cute or what? Paeton is in puppy heaven!


Look, Doggie, I have a tongue too!

Giving the Doggie a kiss.

Doggie's name is Echo. Echo is an 11 week old Miniature Austrailian Shepherd. She's very smart - hasn't had an accident inside and goes to the door and whines when she needs to go out. 

Tuesday, March 24

Judah's Letters & more

Paeton loves having me do stuff to her hair now that it's finally long enough. 
We've done french braids, pig-tails & more! 
A Fresh and clean Judah


A very smart little boy!

Friday, March 20

Grandma's funeral

Grandma's flowers
The cemetery chapel
Mom & the kids
Mother son pic
mother daughters pic

Wednesday, March 11

This is how their Proofs will look - they'll be on a 4x6 picture as a collage with my logo.

Pre-School Pictures

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I'm doing Spring Pictures for the Pre-School and these are some of the pictures I got today.
Click on the collage above and it will blow-up so you can see their adorable face better.

Saturday, March 7



Keep in mind - we weren't trying to sound good.... lol

Friday, March 6

Dancing Queens

Feelin' a little Charlies Angels
Big Smooch
Me (I know... ya can't even tell!)

Josh & some blonde
Mother Daughter
The girls having dinner in public.... full getup
Paeton inheriting the light-up Hanna Montana Wig