Thursday, September 30

Paeton's Hurricane Project for School

Judah's School Pictures

Paeton's hurricane project for School

Monday, September 27

Pre-School Pictures...

I started doing pre-school pictures today. Thought these were just too
cute! (Judah's are tomorrow)


Paeton and I attended a mother -daughter tea party at church,
Saturday. We had a fun time. The kids were able to make their own tea
party hats and fans. The food was great and the tea was even
better.... Paeton, of course, needed several sugar cubes to appreciate
the tea :)

Thursday, September 9

Paeton's birthday surprise...

Paeton got a box from her grandma Pam in D.C. this week. She was super
excited to find a homemade christmas angel ornament, a neat bag with
her name in glitter on it, another cool bag (that she's now using as
her school bag) with a "P" on it and a "P" letter to hang on her wall.
The last item was a Millennium barbie that her grandma bought when I
was pregnant in the hopes of one day giving it to her... She loved it

My beautiful reader...

Paeton can read for hours... sometimes I'll wonder what she's up to because I haven't seen her in a while and I'll find her reading away in her room. In fact, she spent a lot of her birthday money on new books she wanted to read. I love it!

Waaaaay behind....

I snapped this one yesterday :) Love those big dark eyes.
Ready for School!
First Day at Pre-School
Backpack included his lunch, blanket and curious george for nap time! :)
I wouldn't be opposed to going back to school if it included nap

Judah's teacher sends home a note each day he goes and it sounds like everyone is in love with him. He's like a celebrity there... all the kids want to sit by him, play with him, talk to him, etc. He is also quite the artist... his "brown bear" painting is on display outside the classroom because he did such a great job on it.

Today his teacher (Miss Diane) called him "Darling" and he said "I'm not darling, I'm Judah!"