Saturday, May 30

Pool Video


We bought a POOL!!!!

Hahahaha!!!! Not that pool....

Yeah... this pool. Our budget - $5
Paeton didn't last long in the pool... she couldn't figure out how to fit.
But she looked awfully cute in her new $5 bathing suit from Target!
And judah had a ball! :) 

Now Paeton's throwing up. Poor baby. I guess she picked up a stomach bug from school. She feels fine when she's not throwing up, but she's been throwing up about every 30 minutes for the past two hours. Keep us in your prayers! The last thing we need is to all get sick! 

Tuesday, May 26

Getting caught up!

Judah and I hid under an umbrella during part of Kelly's graduation - it rained pretty good!
Kelly getting her diploma!
The Senior Class releasing balloons
Throwing their caps
Kelly and her big brother
Paeton and Aunt Kelly
This is from Sunday night- Michelle brought a small group of us together to say "goodbye" to Grace (second from the right) because she's moving to Tennessee. 
Judah playing in his sandbox
Paeton found a bug... of course.

Paeton's "Mona Lisa"

She's quite the artist!

Sunday, May 10

Fun in Cape Coral

I gave Judah a buzz cut because he refuses to have anyone cut it... and it was getting too long... you couldn't see his cute face anymore!

Here he's gearing up for his first boat ride... he loves boats and was very excited.
Paeton was looking quite adorable!
Mum Mum was enjoying herself.
Mum Mum, and her sisters (Aunt Linda and Aunt Mary)

Driving the boat... he did great!
Josh was closing his eyes and pretending he wasn't on a boat

The sun getting ready to set

The end of our day! We had a fabulous weekend until Josh got sick. We just got home and we already miss you all! XOXO and Happy Mothers Day to Mum Mum & Grandma Kim & KK!

Friday, May 1

Busy Beavers get sleepy too!

After a busy day at Mom's morning out and then hanging with Tiffany for the afternoon... he came home to play with his sandbox and bubbles (which he digested more than anything else) and then fell asleep before he ate dinner!