Saturday, September 20

Our Saturday

Judah and I went to payless and bought him some new tennis shoes and then we headed down a few stores to a salon and got his first full-head haircut! He did so great... he just sat there quietly while she cut his hair.
And then we all went through starbucks because we accidently left his juice cup at home so we got him and Paeton ORGANIC juice.... :)
And they shared an oatmeal cookie
Then we headed to Baytown Wharf which is maybe 10 minutes from our house. An adorable little shopping village with lots of cool stuff to do and a great playground

So this was Judah's first time playing at a playground. He had a blast!

Don't you just want to kiss him!?!?!

He couldn't walk across the ropes so he walked around them instead
Paeton's my big monkey

Going down the BIG slide! I went with him.... :) We had a great time. After that we watched a dog jumping competition put on by Purina. The dogs were jumping off a dock into the water. We also checked out the toy store and saw some really big boats and cool restaurants. Now we're home and we're all pooped! :) Hope you all are having a great Saturday.

Wednesday, September 17

Boy & Cat

Boy spots cat and cat spots boy
cat attacks boy in a playful manner
cat runs away and boy laughs hard

Tuesday, September 16

Blast from the past

Paeton and I are working on a project from school which requires pictures of her from the past.... the bottom one is from the day she was born and the above is obviously her first easter. I just thought they were too cute not to pass along. 

Play House

Judah thinks this is his play house

what a face!
This is our cheap solution to keeping Judah out from behind the entertainment center and keeping him from unplugging the TV from the outlet that is now conveniently placed behind the bookcase. It was $30 at Target and didn't require tools to put together... so you can imagine what amazing quality it But it will do for now. 

Friday, September 12

Amazing Waves

Ike has been stirring up the waters around us, although we've had gorgeous weather! Josh and I headed to the beach while Judah was at "mom's morning out" this morning and I took close to 300 pictures. There wasn't much of a beach because the tide was high and the waves are just gigantic and have washed away a lot of the sand.

Also, a crab update: Red and Diva have both gone to crab heaven. Paeton was very sad. She still has Elmo, and aquired another tiny crab today but if something happens to the other two she may consider a gerbil.

Wednesday, September 10

Funny Family

Friday, September 5


Thanks, Grandma Barb!!!

Thanks so much for the Birthday money. I was able to buy a cool Hannah Montanna Hat, a crab in Acrylic and a new shirt. Love you!!!

Crazy Kid

Sleepy Judah
Playful Judah (Wearing Paeton's Hannah Montanna Hat)
Cheesy Grin Judah
Cute as can be Judah

Judah's latest words are "Please" and "Thank You" He's also started saying "What" and "Nose" which he points to when he says it.

Pretty Flowers....

Thank you, Grandma Kim, Grandpa Gene, and Aunt Kelly for my pretty Birthday flowers!!!