Thursday, April 24

The Great Escape....

time to put the play pen away.... if we don't sandwich it between the chair & ottoman he ends up flipping it over during his escape. what happened to my little baby that would just lay in my arms and let me kiss him and snuggle him all the time? he's grown up so much.

Tuesday, April 22

Judah VS the truck

I think Judah won.

(And if you listen carefully... the first or second time he bends over to pick up the truck he toots)

Judah's Chair

Judah hasn't been feeling well the past 24 hours and for some reason he has been sitting in this chair a lot. He climbs up on it by himself and he'll just sit there.

Today he's been up since 6am and still refuses to take a nap which is very unlike him, so I'm hoping that after he finally goes down, he'll feel a lot better.

Monday, April 21

Krispie Treats

The youth are doing 30 hour famine fundraisers and one is a bake sale so I made these krispie treats for them to sell.  Of course, Paeton had to sample them and make sure they were edible. 

Baby cows!

Josh's mom's cows had babies this past week... they're so cute!

Saturday, April 19

Paeton the Picker

Along with planting flowers she also loves to pick them... so maybe she'll be a florist too! :) These are some beautiful flowers from Grandma's garden.

Paeton the Planter

Paeton loves planting flowers... I think she's going to be a great gardener one day.

Thursday, April 17

Baby Einstein

Judah still loves watching his baby einstein movies in the morning. Yesterday we found the library and they had one on DVD that he hadn't seen yet, so we checked it out and as you can see he's quite interested. He didn't even care that I took his pacifier out of his mouth. 
Yesterday he was 17 months old.

Friday, April 11

New Furniture

Our sofa and chair we bought seven months ago fell apart (the sofa fell apart) so the furniture company offered us some nicer furniture and it was delivered today. The pictures make it look slightly different than it is as far as the color goes. It's a deep red. Judah enjoyed modeling in the pictures.

Thursday, April 10

Back from Disney!

We didn't buy them... we just modeled them. 
And they're awfully cute models if you ask me!
Though, Judah really wasn't digging the Jack Sparrow Hat
Right off, Paeton and Evan got to meet Pluto
And then we headed toward the castle
Lins, Matt and Elle were ready for the big day
So we're we
Going to the first ride of the day (or, rather, show of the day) and Judah is sporting his new Mickey Mouse "My DAD is my HERO" T-shirt
Elle was very happy... as always!
After the show we headed back towards the front to go to our Character Brunch.
Say "cheese"!
At the Brunch we got to meet lots of Characters...
And Judah was very interested!
Then Mini showed up...
and started flirting with Judah.
Elle wasn't scared at all, either. 
Pluto apparently left the park to come to brunch.... 
And then Mickey showed up!
At one point they squeezed eachothers noses.
The girls just loved it - especially Evan

Back to the park and waiting in line again....
Judah's getting very sleepy
The girls go for a ride on a Magic carpet
Evan waiting for dinner
Judah waiting for dinner
Paeton blowing bubbles (she did that a lot)
The girls on the tea-cup ride
Paeton finally fulfilling a childhood dream.. having her face painted (again) at Disney!
The finished Product. She sure is cute.

Overall we had a wonderful time and it was great to see Lins & Matt & Elle & Dad & Kelli & Evan! We miss you all hope to see you again really soon! 

Thursday, April 3

Paeton's Splash

Paeton jumped right in when we got here and Judah thought the spash was just hilarious! He laughed so hard and she had fun entertaining him. We're having an awesome time and look forward to the rest of our weekend.

Fun in the sun!

They wanted to swim right when we got here, so Judah jumped in naked!
He thought it was fun.
Paeton thought it was funny
He got very wrinkly
And eventually pooped out.
Then Jada showed up... he's much taller for being only 2 weeks older.
He wasn't feeling good... his fourth molar is coming in.
Jalayna played with some blocks....
and Jailyn was still eating almost an hour later.
Judah and Jada hugged (how cute!)
and then shared some blocks
Look at those eyes!
And of course.. the cute little feet.