Thursday, April 3

Fun in the sun!

They wanted to swim right when we got here, so Judah jumped in naked!
He thought it was fun.
Paeton thought it was funny
He got very wrinkly
And eventually pooped out.
Then Jada showed up... he's much taller for being only 2 weeks older.
He wasn't feeling good... his fourth molar is coming in.
Jalayna played with some blocks....
and Jailyn was still eating almost an hour later.
Judah and Jada hugged (how cute!)
and then shared some blocks
Look at those eyes!
And of course.. the cute little feet.


MattLindsElle said...

Cute!! Judah is a lot taller than Jada how funny! Glad you guys are enjoying your time. Give everyone a hug for me!!