Friday, August 27

Cotton Candy!

Paeton & Judah enjoying some cotton candy on her birthday. Judah
didn't like it much.

Wednesday, August 25

Cookie Pizza's

Today I made Cookie Pizza's to take to School for Paeton's birthday
tomorrow. They were fun and easy to make... mom told me to call the
local pizza shop and ask if I could buy a couple pizza boxes...
they're perfect!!

Peanut butter cookie crust, Peanut butter "sauce" Chocolate drizzled on top and M&M's :)

Judah's Fun Faces


Monday, August 2

Up up and away

Ugh. They're all uploaded in the wrong order.... so you'll have to look at them backwards to see the buzz lightyear space ship being launched . :) Paeton and Judah have a blast playing with this $4.99 Target Clearance item.