Saturday, February 20


These are two of the dogs I took pictures of (The two puppies). Aren't they sweet!!!?? They are 8-10 weeks old. Their photos will soon be featured on

Fun Morning!

Look, mom! A horse!!

Paeton brushing the horse... getting her ready for a ride!

Judah hanging out with the puppies waiting for his turn...

He thought it was "cool" :)

This morning I drove out to take puppy pictures for a friend... She also owns horses and offered to let us all go "for a ride".

Wednesday, February 17

Valentines Gifts

Judah loves his Handy Manny Nail Gun from Gma & Gpa Vickers!

Paeton loved her craft kit too, but here she pretending to study so she can go play with it :)

Monday, February 15

Catching up...

These are the roses Josh got me for my birthday... they were still beautiful 10 days later! They smelled amazing!!
Paeton and I made valentines cookies - homemade icing too!
This is Zulu's favorite position.
big BIG brown eyes...
Paeton and Judah playing DDR
These are the roses Josh got me for Valentines Day :) They don't smell as good as the birthday roses, but they sure are beautiful! I love the color!

Sorry I haven't been posting many pictures. I just haven't been taking many pictures for some reason. I should have a bunch from this upcoming weekend, though. It's the father-daughter dance at church. :)