Tuesday, August 30

Who is super cute and loves Legos?


He spends hours building and creating!

...And this is what my living room floor looks like most days. :)

Saturday, August 27

Paeton's Baptism

Movie Trailer Style :)

Friday, August 26

A fun visit

It was awesome to have mom & Mark come for a visit last week! Judah beat Papa at some racing games and we got lots of snuggle time with mum mum!

Yummy Birthday Snack

I made these yummy things for Paeton to take to school and hand out to her friends at lunch... I got the idea from Pintrist (a very addictive website)... you just put hershey kisses on small pretzels and bake at 275 for 3 minutes. As soon as you take them out, push a M&M onto the top... cool in the fridge to so the chocolate gets firm again. I think next time I'll use PB m&m's....

The Cake

It's been a few years since I made Paeton a birthday cake, so I decided there would be no store bought cake this year... I spent yesterday working on the perfect "Paeton" cake. She loved it. It was yummy too!


Paeton arrived home from school to find her mini-party awaiting her...
She ran next door and invited a friend to join her for cake...
blew out her candles...
And opened her presents.
Thanks Gma Carson for your gift!
Thanks Gma & Gpa Manning for your gift!
Thanks Gma & Gpa Vickers for the Smurf shirt and Amazon card!

And Judah got a sweet surprise from Gma& Gpa Vickers too! A SMURF Backpack! :)