Monday, December 29

Christmas at the Cape

She may look happy, but Elle prefers to spend bath time alone... and she needs her space to not be invaded! She's so cute.

Judah got a bit carried away with the toy chest... but today when we got home he used his stroller to push his new HULK toy around. lol
and had fun bowling with his new bowling set

Mom got her 7th edition of the "book"
Judah loved playing in Papa's old metal car
And we went swimming.... outside... not many people can say that about their Christmas, hu?
Elle didn't want to swim so much
but she had fun watching
And when Judah wasn't swimming he was trying to suck the water off the tile... ew.
The beautiful ladies who gracefully declined a dip in the pool, and opted to "just watch"

The water was really cold at this pool.... but Paeton braved it...
A little.

Judah didn't have any issues, though. We had to drag him out - teeth chattering and all.

We had such a wonderful visit with everyone. It was a long drive down and back but it was worth it to see my family and spend Christmas together. 

Monday, December 22

Santa Came To Town!!

Riding his horse from Grandma & Grandpa Vickers

Opening their stockings
Putting on new slippers

Paeton's new clothes / bathing suit

Judah's dino
Since we'll be headed out very early Christmas morning we thought (and mum mum thought) it would be a good idea to let Santa show up early so they had time to play with their stuff before we leave town.

Sunday, December 21


Paeton and Judah all dressed up for Church this morning
Paeton reading to Judah before we left the house
Judah tried on a hat at Target about a week ago.

Judah & Paeton opening the square for today on the advent calendar.

Tuesday, December 16

Thank you PAPA & KK

For my beautiful lamp (that according to, will arrive before Christmas!!)
Judah LOVES his hellicoptor
Paeton's High School Musical Barbies were a big hit.

He played with the book for a long time this afternoon
Gotta love organic jammies!
Judah wrestled the bear....
Paeton's currently sleeping with her pillow/ back support / thing (I have no idea what these are called)

Judah waited very patiently until Paeton got home to open the presents under the tree. I was impressed.
But I think this may have been his favorite part
He LOVES the box!

Thanks again! We love you guys and wish we could see you over the holidays!