Tuesday, December 16

Thank you PAPA & KK

For my beautiful lamp (that according to NFLshop.com, will arrive before Christmas!!)
Judah LOVES his hellicoptor
Paeton's High School Musical Barbies were a big hit.

He played with the book for a long time this afternoon
Gotta love organic jammies!
Judah wrestled the bear....
Paeton's currently sleeping with her pillow/ back support / thing (I have no idea what these are called)

Judah waited very patiently until Paeton got home to open the presents under the tree. I was impressed.
But I think this may have been his favorite part
He LOVES the box!

Thanks again! We love you guys and wish we could see you over the holidays!


Lindsay said...

Cute! Matt caught on to your lamp.... I didn't! Looks like the kids loved their gifts! See you guys soon!