Saturday, October 31

Trunk Or Treat

Last weekend was trunk-or-treat at our church... my mom flew up for the fun weekend and we loved having her! She looks beautiful, doesn't she?? Judah was a carebear, and tonight he was a horse... Paeton was an Egyptian Princess on both occasions. :)


What a beautiful Egyptian Princess!
Ready to trick-or-treat at Publix
Satisfied with his treats
Our beautiful sky at sunset! Paeton is out trick-or-treating as I type this... I kept Judah home because he's super tired and it's a little drizzly out - He had his fun between trunk-or-treat and Publix.

Gulf World Marine Park

We are now season-pass holders!
Traffic Jam on the log.
The cutest turtle of all!
HUGE sea-turtle (Bigger than Judah!)

Paeton was chosen to go down and help demonstrate that the dolphins can mimic humans.

Josh's favorite... the Sea-Lions!

We had fun this morning taking the kids to the Marine Park. We only caught one show (the dolphin show) so we'll have lots to go back and see on other trips. :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 18

Funny kid!

Hanin' in his ride

Wearing his awesome Hat!
Judah is growing up so fast! It got crazy cold here over the last few days and so today we pulled out winter clothes - 3T!!! It took him forever to fit in 2T I can't believe he fits in some 3T!!! Of course, Paeton at this age was wearing 4T & 5T.

We just found out today that Mum Mum is coming for Halloween!!! Yay! We can't wait to see you, Mom!

Wednesday, October 7

Paeton -

This was Paeton all dolled up for the "princess party" at church.
And here she is at school... they had a fun time when someone brought in a bunch of animals for her class to see. I found this pic on her teachers "class" website.

She's growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was that super chubby little baby.