Thursday, May 27

Sprinkler & Playdoh fun!

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Friday, May 21

Meet Super Man... Our Nocturnal, Marsupial, Furry Friend

This is Paeton wearing the bonding pouch... they also do well in pockets, but I'm not so sure that's a good idea with Paeton.
He is a sugar glider... so he kinda looks like a flying squirl, but he's more closely related to a Koala Bear... he has a pouch.
Paeton thinks he is the coolest thing in the world.
He's 3 years old - they live to be 10-15. He's super friendly.
A former breeder was giving him, his $200 cage, food, toys, etc all away for free because she's older and is not home as much so she doesn't have the time to care for him like she used to.

Fun fact: Sugar Gliders sometimes bark like Chihuahuas... they will also glide from one side of their cage to another, which Paeton has witnessed... she thinks it's very cool.

Water fun...

Flying Kites...

Found some cool kites and gliders at Target for $3 last week... so we had fun playing with them last weekend... The kite did really well!!

Friday, May 14

Judah Judah Judah...

What can I say... that boy just makes me smile.
He decided... all by himself... that he needed his room clean to go to sleep last night, so he organized everything that was on his floor and moved them to surfaces and placed things just where he wanted them. Then he announced that it was "Beautiful". :)

And speaking of sleep.... he fell asleep this afternoon on... or off... the chair.

Big Big Box

Not the best picture, but Judah had a hay day with the box our lawn mower came in.

Here Kitty Kitty....

Paeton made this at church... isn't it cute? There was no grass when it started.... now the grass is getting out of control. This picture is the "Mid-way" stage.

Thursday, May 6

Purple What???

So Paeton wanted purple highlights.... And our good friend Michelle offered to give them to her. The first try just made her hair darker...
So Michelle put real highlights in her hair...
Then she re-applyed the purple semi-permenant (30 washes) purple hair dye.
We couldn't wait around because I had a piano lesson... so she came with me... looking like this.
(above) Here she is with one of my students.
After we got home we washed it out and dried it... she loves it. :)

And Judah just really wanted to have his picture taken.

Sunday, May 2

Catching up :)

Easter... Yup.... I'm waaay behind! I didn't get any good shots because someone (Judah) had stuck his grubby fingers on the lens of my camera and I didn't realize it... so all the pics were smudged and blurry. :P
And this was the best I could get out of them before church
While visiting Mum Mum & Papa, We went to a big pet store that had lots of cool animals... and a huge tortoise that just wanders the store.
Paeton was petting one of the many puppies...
And judah was trying to grab a hampster
Here's a yummy dessert mom and I shared when we went out to eat

These are from today... Paeton being her gorgeous self, and Judah fell asleep on the chair next to me....

Zulu & Mal

I just had to post this.... check out the eyelashes! Most women would kill for those eyelashes!