Sunday, May 2

Catching up :)

Easter... Yup.... I'm waaay behind! I didn't get any good shots because someone (Judah) had stuck his grubby fingers on the lens of my camera and I didn't realize it... so all the pics were smudged and blurry. :P
And this was the best I could get out of them before church
While visiting Mum Mum & Papa, We went to a big pet store that had lots of cool animals... and a huge tortoise that just wanders the store.
Paeton was petting one of the many puppies...
And judah was trying to grab a hampster
Here's a yummy dessert mom and I shared when we went out to eat

These are from today... Paeton being her gorgeous self, and Judah fell asleep on the chair next to me....

Zulu & Mal

I just had to post this.... check out the eyelashes! Most women would kill for those eyelashes!


Lindsay said...

Cute cute cute! Love the pictures oh Mom is the kids!