Saturday, March 20

Gulf World Visit 4

Judah's favorite part... the penguins

Paeton & Judah were both able to pet sting ray's

Paeton's favorite part... the birds and reptiles.

Josh's favorite... the Sea Lions. Here, one is getting a drink from a dripping faucet.

It was a gorgeous day today, so we took them out to Gulf World for a while. They had a great time!


Suzie said...

That was a huge turtle! I love animals. I'm glad you are close enough to these types of places and your kids can enjoy them.

Joosje said...

cute family! awesome pictures!

Leah W said...

holy huge turtle!

Gina F said...

It looks like you'll had a great time at Gulf World. That was a huge turtle. I love the penguins they are my favorite. Those were awesome pictures too!! I am glad you all had a nice family day together with the animals. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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