Monday, May 26

Weekend with Family

Elle was happy
Unless she saw Josh.
We got a family picture
and there's mum mum & pa pa with the grandkids
Papa and Paeton played with the horses
The Wentzel's
What a cutie!
Judah showing Elle what to do
Elle Showing Judah what to do
They're just too cute!
Paeton and Elle playing.

We had a great time. Mom and Mark got in Thursday late afternoon and Matt and Lins came Saturday. We ate good food, enjoyed eachother's company and the boys even went golfing. Everyone took off about an hour ago and now the house seems quite empty. Paeton went with mom and Mark for a week and a half so she'll be doing lots of swimming! 

Happy Memorial Day!


cindy said...

Hi Leah, this is Matts mom (cindy) I just had to tell you how much I love your photo's. You do such a great job! captured my son just right ;) I am so glad that you are close enough for Matt and Lindsay and Elle to come and stay. We miss them alot.
Just stopped by to say HI,