Wednesday, May 23

Summer Plan

Okay. Judah got out of school yesterday and Paeton gets out tomorrow. That means after tomorrow there will be 75 days of no school. I decided today that I needed a plan... a plan to keep the kids busy and looking forward to things that are coming up. At first I was looking at the different "Summer Bucket- List" ideas that are out there... tons of things on a list that you want to do and you check them off as you do them through the summer, but Judah likes a bit more structure than that. I had already made up my summer menu where I write each day of the week and put down what they can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. This went over big last year. The kids loved getting up and checking the menu - and it saved them from ending up with PB&J far too often. So I decided to do an activity list along the same lines - different activities to look forward to according to the day of the week. I may end up altering it some (for example, Sonic may get old) but this is what I came up with:

Some brief explanations:

Write a Letter: Each of us will write a letter to the same person and mail them out together. The person will change from week to week.

Get Wet: Lots of fun ideas like a car wash, splash pad, pool, water balloons, etc.

Get Creative: make playdoh, origami, make puppets and have a puppet show, paint, draw self portraits, fingerprint animals, make a bird feeder, toilet paper roll art, etc.

Get Active: have a picnic, go for a walk, Play soccer, Treasure Hunt, Build a fort in the living room and camp out overnight, bubble blowing contest, bike rides, etc. 


Krista Heiser said...

I love this idea. I'm just not sure I'd be disciplined enough to stick to a schedule.

Have a great summer!