Saturday, July 9

Birthday Party (Part 2)

Paeton got her very own KINDLE!!! Thanks MUM MUM & PAPA!!!
And a cool new tennis racket - she's had two lessons already and loves it!
Elle got lots of fun stuff!

Then all the kids were invited to sleep-over at Aunt Lindsay & Uncle Matt's. Another reason my sister is awesome! (you too, matt!)

A perfect end to a perfect party!


Krista said...

I'm sure you're already aware of the promotional freebies Amazon hosts, but here's a few that MIGHT be appropriate for Payton. (Parental assistance with selection is probably not a bad idea!)

There are a few others, but I wasn't sure if they would be too young or too old for her.

I hope she enjoys her Kindle as much as I enjoy mine! Give her a belated happy birthday wish for me.

Leah Manning said...

Thanks, Krista!