Saturday, October 30


Okay, so I know you could barely recognize Judah in his genius
costume... haha. He definately has an issue with dressing up this
year. I don't know what it is but I think it stems from his reasonings
for correcting anyone who calls him "Sweetie" or "Darling" ("I'm not
sweetie, I'm Judah") because when we finally gave up on the ninja
costume that he seemed so excited about all month long and put the
superman cape shirt on, he told us that he would wear the shirt, but
don't call him Superman, because he's not superman, he's Judah. That's
my son... one of a kind and I love him! Paeton, on the other hand, was
excited to get ready. In the pictures you don't see her wings because
she didn't wear them for fear of them ripping when she played on the
giant inflatable things. This year she is a "Punk Pixie". Oh - and you
can see she's wearing the cute headband that Papa and KK sent! It
helped tame the wig :)


Krista said...

How cute is Judah! Love that he's determined to hang onto his unique identity. Let's hope that lasts through high school!

I also adore the pink wig. So cute!

Lindsay said...

Cute new pictures!! That Judah is too funny! :) Paeton looked adorable!