Monday, December 21

Miscellaneous Phots

Judah was playing on the play center at one of our outdoor malls

This is while my friend V and her family were in town - the kids all got along great...
The boys did too ;)
V & Me
Judah and "Amedica", as Judah calls him (Micah) were fast friends!
My brother and his best man (Cousin Chris) the night before the wedding. It was fun watching them try and fit in the back seat next to Judah's car seat. My brother is like 6'4 and my cousin is like 6'9 lol!
These are from our Christmas with my dad - Judah loves his car & rocket and Josh (below) LOVES his mug. He uses it EVERY day!

My mom & Elle checking out the beach after the wedding
Paeton holding her cousin, Caden, for the first time.
Judah and Elle swinging outside
Boat Ride! Josh had sooo much
I think Uncle Matt (who got to drive the boat) and Judah had the most fun.

This is the locket that Scott got for Paeton for Christmas today... It came today and I put a picture of her and her dad in it from his recent visit... she doesn't know about it and won't get it until Christmas but I thought it was sweet and wanted to share. :)


Lindsay said...

♥ all the pic's!