Monday, July 27

Paeton's Trip

Here she is working on the ropes course
The rock wall...

These were team exercises.

She didn't get to do paintball, but she wore the mask for the full 2 hours that everyone else was doing paintball.
and she was overjoyed to hold a gun at the end! :)

She had a blast on the youth trip and was very good!

Monday, July 20

Judah's Tap Dance

Last few weeks...

Sporting dad's hat
All Tatted up

Paeton's self- Portraits

Wearing Paeton's glasses
Sorry I've been slack! Last week was VBS and the kids had a blast... but it made it a busy busy week! The craziness continues as Josh takes off with the youth group on Wednesday to go white water rafting in TN through Saturday. We hope you're all having a fabulous Summer!

Monday, July 6

Happy 2nd Birthday, Elle!

On the 13th, Elle will be 2 years old! We celebrated while we were down at my mom's and we took some 2 year pics too!

4th of July

We had a very nice (but short) visit with my mom & sister. It was nice that we could all be together for a couple of days.