Saturday, April 25


With Copper gone, Echo looks to Judah for entertainment. 


Friday, April 24

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

My sister just called and they found out they're having a boy!!!! YAY! :)

Congratulations, Kelly!!!

Kelly has been accepted to Brewton Parker College and given a scholarship that will cover almost everything, including room & board, over her four year stay. 

She was also offered a job as Photographer in their marketing department!

We're so proud of you, Kelly!!

Thursday, April 23

SOOO Cute!

I swear he is just the cutest little boy EVER! 
He refuses to get his hair cut at a salon, so I managed to trim it up a bit this morning. He's all ready to go to Mom's morning out so he doesn't get Paeton's germs. :)

Below: I asked Judah at the computer keyboard what each of the letters and numbers were - if he got it right, it's below - the only one he didn't know was "B" because he calls it "8". 
(He holds the keys down a while... lol)
acccccccccccddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffggggggggghhhhhhiiiiiiiiiijjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkklllllllllmmmn nnn ooooooopppppppqqqqqqqrrrrrrsssttttttuuuvvwxxxyyzzzz

112222333334444444444444444444444445555 66678888899

Tuesday, April 21

One more time!


Judah loves puzzles! 
Oh! And just so you know, we've been putting the puzzle together "one more time" for about an hour!

Paeton's Honor's Assembly

Paeton's School
Paeton received a ribbon for "A-B Honor Roll"

Paeton and her best friend, Charissa
Back to work! 

Her teacher told me that I need to ask the school to test Paeton for "gifted" at the start of the next school year! We all knew she was brilliant, it's just nice to know that her teacher noticed, too!

Tuesday, April 14

Easter Baskets

Judah's Basket
New Sandals
Super Man Action Figures
His favorite thing... the glowing spinny egg
A Gummy Treat
Echo was watching the fun
Paeton's basket
Her gummy treats
Uno (We've played lots of Uno this week!)
A cute "daughter" plaque

Monday, April 13

Fun at the beach on Easter!

Sunday, April 12

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11

Boo Boo

Telling Mum Mum about his boo boo
there it is.... 
home-made bandage (Icy cold washcloth inside of a pair of tights.

He fell and hurt himself.. it looked pretty bad but he was a good sport.

New Outside Toy

Judah loves his new sand / water table... it keeps him busy!

More Easter Goodies!

Thanks, Mum Mum & Papa for our fun goodies! We love you and miss you sooo much!