Monday, August 25

Beach Babes....

Mum Mum & Elle Belly
Matt and Lins caught lovin' on eachother
Just the girls
Hurricane Judah
Paeton and Judah digging in the sand
Elle & Daddy
Mum Mum stealing kisses
Mum Mum & Papa
Paeton loves exploring for bugs at the beach
Awww... it's me and my sweetie.
He's pretty talented, hu?
Walkin' with mom & dad
Judah & Mum Mum
She wasn't too fond of the sand
But Judah loved it
Such a cute family!

I wish I had taken my camera the second day we went to the beach because the waves were crashing and Judah was screaming with joy... he did some body surfing as he'd sit on the beach and a big wave would crash in and take him floating back further up the beach. Of course I was pretty much holding on to him the whole time so he couldn't get too far, but he just loved it. And it was quite entertaining for everyone else on the beach. 


Leah W said...

great shots, esp. of matt, linds & elle!

i am glad you guys had fun :)