Wednesday, July 30


I had nursery duty on Sunday morning so I got to hang with Judah and a little girl named Avery Lane. Judah loved playing with her (or taking her toys) and started saying "baby" while we were in there.

Thursday, July 17

Cutest kiddos!!!

"I miss you mum-mum"
"Why can't I go to Mum-Mum's house????"
"hi mum-mum"
"This is my 'mum-mum' tongue"
I love you mum-mum.

Paeton was a bit pouty during our "photo shoot" but Judah was hammin' it up.
Tomorrow I take off to FL to drop off mom's car... kid-free. Josh is staying home with them, I'm going to visit Saturday and then ride the motorcoach/train home Sunday. 

Thursday, July 10


Playing in the pool
Judah loved the water
Paeton dunked papa a few times
Judah on the way there
4th of July fireworks
not the finale (haha mom)
poor tonka at home all alone.

We had such a wonderful time at mom's (minus the car issues). Thanks so much for letting us invade your home for a week! We love you guys and miss you. Oh - and here's a message from Judah:

Dearest Mum-Mum, Thank you for making me banana pudding. And thank you for feeding it to me. I like banana pudding. I like you too. Love, Judah P.S. Please don't be sad that I can't say "mum mum" yet. Mom's making me practice every day.

Dearest PaPa, Thank you for letting mum mum make banana pudding for me. And thank you for letting her feed it to me too. I like banana pudding. I like you too. Love, Judah P.S. The fact that I can say PaPa and not mum mum does not mean I like you more. I love you both equally.