Saturday, February 9

Biker Chick

It all started with a boy and his bike... Josh really wanted a bike to exercise on and picked out the perfect bike for him - the one with the red wheels. Then I talked to my mom and she said that Paeton needed a bike too so she could ride with him so we headed out to Walmart. After debating between the pink bike, the white bike, the purple bike, the bike with streamers, the bike with no streamers, etc. We found the perfect bike. It was orange and beautiful... oh wait... that was my bike. But then Paeton found HER perfect bike.... Thank goodness for Walmart or we might have gone broke.

After we got home we took Paeton to the church parking lot and got her bike ready, and then she learned how to ride a bike! She was scared at first and preferred the grass, but she did actually do it all by her self a couple of times. She loved it.
And of course we had some really cute guys watching us practice.