Sunday, February 19


One of the great things about working at the church now is that I can see what Judah's up to! On Valentines Day they had a special guest read them a story about Valentines Day and then help them bake & decorate cupcakes! He's in the black shirt

He and Paeton got a package that day with cool cookies from Mum Mum & Papa 
 His is a lego guy and Paeton's is an iPod Touch
 And then they got goodie bags from Papa and KK

Grandma and Grandpa sent them special cards with cash in them... it was too cute! I told Judah to go put his money away and he said "I'm going to leave it there incase someone else needs it... I can share". He's the sweetest kid. Since then, he's used half of it to order a LEGO movie on amazon - he's watched it at least 5 times already. My kids are very blessed to have such loving and thoughtful grandparents!