Saturday, January 17

Meet Hector!

Hector is part of forgotten children Ministries (FCM) in Honduras ( which our church is actively involved with (in fact, our childrens minister is leaving our church this summer to move there because she is marrying a local who works for the ministry, and our Music Minister just resigned to go on full time as a missionary for FCM- tomorrow will be her last day). Since our church sends teams several times a year, we are able to send care packages and goodies to the kids. The kid we sponsor is Hector. I picked him up several shirts at Target today and some toys. Michelle (our Music Minister) is going down the end of this month.

Christmas in GA

These pictures finally arrived today so I thought I'd share them with you! 
We had a wonderful time in GA - it was short, but very sweet.
We miss you guys!!!

Some of Kelly's work...

Kelly took some pictures of Josh and me while we were in GA this past December.

Congrats, Kelly!!!!

(above) first pictures taken for newspaper
An article singing her praises!
Josh's sister, Kelly, is now working for a local newspaper in Alma, GA as their photographer!
She plans to attend an art school in Savannah this fall for Photography.

Thursday, January 15


Josh picked up our piano today and the kids are having a ball playing with it. :)

Wednesday, January 14

Just for Mum Mum

I took a few quick snapshots tonight so Mum Mum would stop complaining about having to look at my table on the blog. :)  Note the conveniently placed boat! :)

Saturday, January 10

Kinda new table...

I found an ad on craigslist for a table and chair set, but the chairs were very flimsy, so I offered him half for just the table and took the legs off of it and attached the top to the base of my glass table. It's smaller, but it's wood - not glass. I'll make that compromise. :)

Sunday, January 4

Fun in the sun...

We kept our neighbors kids all day on Friday while their mom was at work so Paeton could play with them. We took them to the park for a picnic. They had a blast.